Saturday, March 8, 2003

The City of Paramount

i started work at Carlton Forge Works... they make

seamless rolled rings, which look like this when they're making them...

and yes this job is in LA, well not in downtown LA but in the city of paramount

exactly where i work is where it says "village park" on the map.

work is slow as of now, pretty much cause i don't know anything, so i hang out with people and they tell me what they do.

it's strange to see people who have been at the same job, not necesarily doing the same thing but the same company for 5, 8 20, 30 years even... that's twice my existing memory! the same thing, i can't imagine it, i'm sitting at my desk and they're telling me something and i feel as though i'll only be at this place for 2 months, 3 maybe... when it hit me, i may be here for 2 years, maybe 4, even 10 who knows?

kinda scary.

but then at the same time...

a secure feeling

i live with my cousin who's almost 40 and his wife and 6 1/2 year old.

he's my arch enemy...

i miss being in 1st grade.


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